The Subtle Body or Dreaming Consciousness

The Subtle Body or Dreaming Consciousness – now we start to move away from everyday, direct experience and the rules of a physical world.  When we dream we can be everywhere, do anything.  The physical rules breakdown; we can even fly.

ILP believes that the Subtle Body holds and contains the Dreaming Consciousness.  We can also associate the Subtle Body with feeling, emotions, creativity, intention, chakras, archetypes, the I Ching, and other things.

The Subtle Body is your expression of the creative drive to expand, to reconnect with a deeper awareness of life, to vibrate with joy, and to radiate with love.

But how do we exercise the Subtle Body?  One direct way is through the breath.  When you exercise with the Gross Body you are told to keep your heart rate up, which leads you to being without breath.  But breath is your life force.  In Subtle Body work you are asked to reconnect with your breath, which might be called Prana or Chi.  In all spiritual traditions, ‘Spirit’ means breath.

So exercising your Subtle Body brings you a great degree of creativity, of emotional balance, a stronger connection to your own intuitions, a deeper, empathically gifted resonance to, of and with other people, vibrant sexual energy, and a renewal of your Spirit.

Some ways in which we can exercise the Subtle Body include;

  • Yoga
  • T’ai chi
  • Chi Gung
  • Subtle Breath Practice
  • Visualisation


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  • February 21, 2010
  • Ever since Gary wrote his introductory module notes to launch this Body Module support area, and added a page about taking our ‘Three Bodies’ for a workout, I’ve been wishing to get into the habit of including this apsect into my daily exercise – which would be running in my case.

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