The Gross Body or Waking Consciousness

The Gross Body or Waking Consciousness – this is the body that we are all familiar with; it is our muscles, our skeleton, and our brain - all that goes into your body that is reading this right now.  It’s the body that you take to the gym, try and lose weight from, clothe, and are sometimes become ashamed of (more of that when we look at the Shadow Module).

This is also the body that allows us to feel, to use our senses to understand the world, to see a rock for a rock and a car for a car.  The Gross Body allows you to become conscious of the world around you through your senses.  Because we can have a very easy direct experience of our Gross Body and the Consciousness that resided there, exercise becomes easy (relative to the Subtle Body and the Causal Body).  The Gross Body deals with the physical world.

We go to the gym, we run; we make sure that we are maintaining core strength and stability.  To ensure that we can maintain the energy levels to support a healthy body we do not over eat, we keep hydrated, ensure we have a balanced diet, make sure we get enough sleep, keep our stress levels down, find positive ways of relaxing, and share moments of peace with those we love.

But one thing that we might not do is think of our body as a precious gift that has it’s own wisdom.  We tend to see our body as a thing, and “It”.  But your body is an expression of the divine love – a complicated, unique, living, breathing machine.  It holds your spirit and your soul, and so within ILP it is important that we take care of the wonderful vessel that the body is.

Some ways in which we can exercise the Gross Body are;

  • Weightlifting
  • Running
  • Aerobics
  • Sports
  • Dance


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