Let’s Take Your Three Bodies for a Workout

Let’s take your three bodies to the Gym.  (If you are uncomfortable about the idea of doing these things in front of other people you can do them in private for now).

Before you begin your exercise routine, connect with you breath, visualise your breath as a golden light flowing through all the connected points of your body, allow through your breath to connect with the Divine that is both outside of you and inside you.

And say;

“I give thanks for the opportunity to engage in relationship with my body through this exercise.”

As you exercise, try to avoid watching TV or listening to the gym’s music.  Perhaps take your own music that helps keep your awareness open (when in the gym I listen to binaural music).

Gary HawkeAt the end of my Gross Body workout I spend time working through a simple Subtle Body Kata - an exercise routine made up of Chi Gung, Yoga and Strength exercise.  Finally, I spend a short time in a grounding mediation, before bowing to the four directions.

Working with your three bodies does not need to be complicated. It just takes a shift in your awareness, and I hope that this introduction might have helped with that shift.

Gary Hawke

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  • Getting Into The Habit of Thinking ‘Three Body’
  • February 21, 2010
  • Ever since Gary wrote his introductory module notes to launch this Body Module support area, and added a page about taking our ‘Three Bodies’ for a workout, I’ve been wishing to get into the habit of including this apsect into my daily exercise – which would be running in my case.

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