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“Practices are rehearsals of desired qualities, which eventually become spontaneous, natural ways of being.” – Roger Walsh

It is my intention with these short introduction pieces to help you into a deeper feeling for practice and how Integral Practice can support your growth.

The Body in Integral Life Practice

I am going to ask how do you exercise your body and which body do you exercise?

You might exercise your body by running, or going to the gym, or you might have taken up a more esoteric exercise programme like yoga or tai-chi; you might also exercise a particular diet.

How would your exercise programme change if I told you that you have three bodies?

Both the Eastern and Western spiritual traditions have identified that we have three bodies, which we could call;

  • The Gross Body, or Waking Consciousness
  • The Subtle Body, or Dreaming Consciousness
  • The Causal Body, or Deep Sleep Consciousness

An Integral Life Practice recommends that when we exercise we work with all three bodies.  Let’s begin with The Gross Body or Waking Consciousness.

“Exercising your Subtle Body brings you a great degree of creativity, of emotional balance, a stronger connection to your own intuitions, a deeper, empathically gifted resonance to and of other people, vibrant sexual energy, and a renewal of your Spirit.” – Gary Hawke

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  • Getting Into The Habit of Thinking ‘Three Body’
  • February 21, 2010
  • Ever since Gary wrote his introductory module notes to launch this Body Module support area, and added a page about taking our ‘Three Bodies’ for a workout, I’ve been wishing to get into the habit of including this apsect into my daily exercise – which would be running in my case.

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